From how colour is perceived to how it can be manipulated, human interaction with colour is very personal.

It plays a vital role in a particular mood or state of mind. Color affects our feelings, thoughts, moods, and emotions. Colour creates certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes and the colour we see is only a small visible part of a vast spectrum of colour that is reflected back by an object.


Lara de Jager

“..What is surprising about personal adversity,
is that very often one can emerge braver than ever before..”


Fluid art, is an escape from the mundane into a vibrant and unparalleled universe of colour and endless possibilities of her own creation. Very often an artist is inspired by an idea, Lara is inspired by colour. She picks her palette and that in turn, it fuels an idea.

By using colour as an outward expression of body, soul and spirit, Lara channels her art into creative energy helping her to transcend and capture the beauty of our visual world.

Lara explores the vitality of colour in all it’s forms. Her natural curiosity has led her to explore different art forms and mediums through her artistic journey. However, her ability to capture colour in their own unique and emotional combinations is a constant theme in all her work. With a natural eye for aesthetics, her pieces are both beautiful and moving.